Tuesday, 15 April 2008

SPATZ in Norway

In the next week or so I will be making the first of what promises to be many trips to Norway and other places in the Scandinavian region.

To celebrate my upcoming visit to OSLO I did this piece which shows a bunch of vikings, the fat lady that sings when it's over, and the Norse Mythological gods (from left to right) Loki, Odin, and Thor greeting Spatz.

This is pretty much what the Spatz cartoons are all about. Spreading happiness, merriment and good times around the globe. Will post more Norway toons as they develop.

Spatz takes on Madison Ave.

There's nothing wrong with advertising. In fact, there are a lot of ads that are great. The problem comes when we are forced to look at ads thrown into every aspect of our lives every moment.

I came up with this cartoon while going to the loo and being forced to look at ads for the upcoming big concert series in the area which were placed directly over the urinal.

Besides for trying to make regular people feel that they are unglamorous if they don't shell out their hard earned cash to buy their products, some advertisers think that if tell us their message a billion times their product somehow becomes more appealing.

Hey, I am really glad Dave lost all that weight eating really healthy subs but I don't need to watch the same ad 15 times before every news cast I would like to stream on yahoo news.

JAYZ and Beyonce Married

These two got married. Congratulations!

A while back I did a Jay-Z Spatz cartoon inspired by that "Hard Knock Life" song he did. I put it up in Brooklyn and the South Bronx but of course it was on a drive that crashed so I lost it and never made a picture of the art on the streets(something I am now always going to do on my global travels starting the next few weeks).

Anyhow, these 2 make a nice couple and Spatz wishes them well and lots of happiness. I have this piece as a larger than life size print and I'll try and put it up in New York Tribeca are(if i don't get arrested while on the mission : ))

Most likely this will be the only wedding picture anyone sees for a while as it seems these 2 don't seem to have the need to throw their personal lives in everyone's faces and pretty much keep a low key on their private stuff. Good for them. Look for a Tribeca paste up later this spring.