Tuesday, 15 April 2008

JAYZ and Beyonce Married

These two got married. Congratulations!

A while back I did a Jay-Z Spatz cartoon inspired by that "Hard Knock Life" song he did. I put it up in Brooklyn and the South Bronx but of course it was on a drive that crashed so I lost it and never made a picture of the art on the streets(something I am now always going to do on my global travels starting the next few weeks).

Anyhow, these 2 make a nice couple and Spatz wishes them well and lots of happiness. I have this piece as a larger than life size print and I'll try and put it up in New York Tribeca are(if i don't get arrested while on the mission : ))

Most likely this will be the only wedding picture anyone sees for a while as it seems these 2 don't seem to have the need to throw their personal lives in everyone's faces and pretty much keep a low key on their private stuff. Good for them. Look for a Tribeca paste up later this spring.