Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Let's All Be Like SPATZ!!!

Spatz is a character that was inspired in part by the street artists, the london police. I liked the way they would have these broad outlined simple characters that they changed around. Spatz's pose is always the same in every cartoon but it's what is happening around him that changes. The idea was that if one was truly happy on the inside that that positive energy would be a barrier to negative things. I decided to give Spatz his own blog and gallery because there are so many pieces I have worked on over time it would be good to let them be separate from all the other things I'm doing. The above image was put up in the Mission in San Francisco. It lead me to being asked to contribute illustrations to the Mechanic's Plan Project. It's almost finished but I have to add alot of the characters from that project and hope to do it before they finish the youtube video. I will be putting this up in Bushwick Brooklyn next month(this piece is almost 8 feet long : O) and posting some pictures.

Here Spatz thwarts an impending alien invasion.

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