Thursday, 14 February 2008

Who will Spatz endorse?

This is turning out to be a great primary. Spatz is torn between the promise of new hope and change in the way Washington does business with Obama and the fact that when the Clintons were in last time it was the first time we heard anyone talk about universal health care, the budget was balanced, and this cartoonist had some decent work( granted it came from some dot com dumb dumbs, but that's besides the point). I think I'll put up a vote here and see who people would like Spatz to endorse.

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joaniqua said...

Both of them are great candidates. But, I still believe that Hillary has an edge on McCain and an edge in experience. Yes, she made some mistakes this past week, but Obama has also de-emphasized his connections to Rev. Wright and the major money he is getting from Wall Street (most money in his campaign from this source than any other candidate). So it's HIllary for me!
Thanks for asking Spatz....